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It’s all about people

Every time a Body//Talk is produced, Orlando becomes a more friendly, more social place. We’re here to create a radically expressive, highly connected culture–one night at a time. Our hope is that every time a patron comes to Body//Talk, they leave feeling like the city isn’t such a big, lonely place. We want them to feel inspired.

Inspired by a new friendship.
By the power of music.
By the warmth of human connection.
By the ability to express themselves in a safe space.

Volunteers lead the way

Volunteers pass on Body//Talk values through their service to our mission. You are the model through which new Body//Talkers will learn how to behave in our culture. Whether you paint faces, set up the infrastructure, or break it down, your work is essential to the experience of our patrons.


We are incredibly thankful for our volunteers, but we don’t want you to run on thanks alone. Volunteers get these benefits:

  • Free entry

  • An extra free entry card (save it for later or give it to a friend)

  • Pizza (before the party)

  • Volunteer lanyard

  • An opportunity to grow along with B//T


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